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Lending money ruined my relationship – Juliana – Kampala Sun

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    By Ahmad Muto

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has revealed that she is against the idea of lending loved ones money because more than anything else, it is a recipe for straining relations. According to her, lending strained one of her relationships so bad that they broke up and she did not get her money back to this day. For that reason, it taught her not to espouse the idea of lending money at all.
“When it comes to lending money, it is a rule. I do not lend money. Because out of experience, money is an interesting thing. It has a way it creates tension between you and your loved ones. Someone comes, borrows money promising to pay back. You start chasing after them and you become the fool. It has happened to me many times,” she said.
“I remember back then, someone I was dating borrowed money from me. I mean it is someone I was in a relationship with. I thought he would bring it back. And he did not. I started asking for it, asked a few times and it got to a time he got upset with me. I never asked for it again even when we broke up he never paid up to now,” she added.
Also, according to her, a YouTube video of Senegalese-American rapper and entrepreneur Akon talking about the 10% rule had a huge impact and changed her spending habits totally.
“I learnt a few years ago on YouTube, from a video of Akon talking about the 10% rule he applies to everything he buys. Say I want to buy a nice handbag and it costs sh1m. If I don’t have sh10m sitting on my account, I will not buy it. It means I cannot afford. For me it was an eye opener,” Juliana said.
This was while giving tips on personal finance during a YouTube session on her channel on Monday, September 13, 2021.
This was while giving tips on personal finance during a YouTube session on her channel on Monday, September 13, 2021.
Since giving birth to her son, Taj in March 2020, Juliana appeared on her YouTube Channel for the first time on Monday, July 26, 2020 after returning from Canada. She got back on August 10 to have a Q&A session, responding to her fans’ frequently asked questions when she revealed she has been with her mystery baby daddy for seven years.

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