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Epoxy Floor Works, 3D Epoxy Floors and Epoxy Floor Materials

Epoxy Floor Works and Contractors in Kampala, Uganda


UEL Foor Works is a pioneer contractor for a new flooring system in Uganda that involves the use of epoxy resin. Besides getting the best epoxy floor works professionals for your home or business, you can now find products to make high quality epoxy resin floors at UEL Floor Works. These include epoxy resin, epoxy hardener and epoxy pigments.

Our store is conveniently located in 8th Street Industrial Area, Kampala to serve Ugandan residential, business and industrial establishments with high quality epoxy floor projects, terrazzo floor as well as granite tile floor solutions.

On our website, we will answer all your questions regarding the cost of epoxy flooring, epoxy resin floor price, where to buy epoxy resin and hardener, 3D epoxy flooring , epoxy coating and paint works as well materials supply for epoxy floor construction projects in Uganda.


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A Quick Guide to Epoxy Floor Works in Uganda


What is Epoxy Floor?

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Price of Epoxy Floor Works


Epoxy Resin Flooring Painting and Coating in Kampala, Uganda


As one of the Uganda’s leading specialist flooring contractors we are able to service any project size and full scale industrial and warehouse refurbishments are easily accomplished with our in-house surface preparation team

If you are looking for an epoxy resin flooring installer or epoxy floor painting contractor in Kampala, look no further than UEL Epoxy Resin Floor Works for a competitive quotation.


Industrial Epoxy Resin Flooring


We’ve got an epoxy resin industrial floor system to suit your project:

  • Industrial Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings – Smooth and anti-slip floor floor coatings.
  • Flow Applied Epoxy Resin  Flooring – Poured epoxy flooring with a high gloss finish.
  • Food Grade Polyurethane Screeds – Heavy duty polyurethane floor screed for hygienic and HACCP food safety environments.
  • Resilient Polyurethane Floors – Flexible PU epoxy resin floors.
  • Epoxy Quartz Screeds – Multi coloured quartz hygienic resin flooring.
  • Levelling Screeds – For levelling and refurbishment of worn or uneven factory flooring.

Factory & Warehouse Epoxy Floor Painting and Coating


We’ve got a wide range of epoxy resin industrial floors to suit your project such as:

  • High Build Epoxy Coatings – Solvent free epoxy floor paint systems.
  • Water Based Epoxy Coatings – Economic floor painting.
  • Line Marking & Demarcation – The latest in 5S standards.

Decorative Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems


Form the brightest floors to the quietest floors, we have a resin system and seamless floor to suit:

  • Flow Applied Epoxy Floors – Epoxy flooring applied traditionally from 1mm to 3mm in high gloss.
  • Liquid Vinyl Comfort Flooring – Comfort polyurethane floors with sound deadening options.
  • Seamless Epoxy Terrazzo – 6-8mm seamless diamond polished epoxy terrazzo floors.
  • Micro Topping – 3mm micro concrete effect flooring.
  • Flake – 2mm fast cure, no odour polyaspartic flooring.

Epoxy Floor Car Park Waterproofing & Car Park Painting


When it comes to car parks, we cover large areas quickly and economically with epoxy floor car park floor and wall coatings:

Basement Car Parks – Standard and fast cure resin options with no odour for basement parking garages.
Intermediate Car Park Decks – Standard and flexible car park deck options for new build and refurbishment.
Top Deck Waterproof Membranes – Trafficable UV resistant deck systems to protect structures.

Covering All of Uganda


We install epoxy resin flooring for all parts of Uganda. If you have a resin flooring or floor painting requirement, call us today for a free, no obligation quotation on 0701749775